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(The highlighted image was taken from Atelier do Soap)

In the first state of emergency, in March 2020, our life started to slow down (I was unemployed, Hélio works at home), and we started to ponder some points to change. This was followed by some research in the most well-known stores and we started testing some brands and stores, until we arrived at Atelier do Sabão. We are now regular customers and we love it.

The first fabric softener we purchased at Atelier do Sabão was in July 2020 and it still lasts. I think it will last a year. Both Maria Clara and I use it.

As for the Shampoo, I completely surrendered to the smell, and after the first use I immediately felt the difference. For the first time in a long time, my hair feels healthy.

Hélio always suffered a lot with irritated scalp but since he started using solid shampoo, that has changed. Maria Clara has atopic skin, and we always use specific creams to control the skin. Until she used Atelier's soap products. This was the first change.

The second change was the deodorant:

Guaranteed the change I felt the most. Now I feel like I smell good, with more or less sweat. I tested the Água Mole brand, in bar. I loved the product itself, but I felt it wasted a lot because it was so easily discarded. Now we are using Ben&Anna, on stick. It lasts a little longer because we waste less. I'm now looking for Portuguese brands of this kind. If you know any, let me know!

The third change was the bamboo swabs: we are using them but after they are finished we will test LastSwab, which is a reusable swab up to 1000 times.

In short, we must reflect, justify and test the change. Remember that each person is individual and adapts differently to change. Also as I told you, there is an average of 21 days to apply a change in our brain. Also remember that we only have this planet and all our actions count.

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