The changes in our kitchen

The kitchen was one of the places that initially deserved more time to organize and also where we invested the most. The normal thing was to buy at the supermarket and keep the packaging on the shelf until we used everything, and only then did we put the packaging to be recycled. Which made our closets full of plastic.

What was the initial investment? Glass jars, and then over time we were also reusing some plastic containers for storage, thus giving a second purpose.

We got used to avoiding plastic packaging, and our choice was to buy in bulk: the store we use the most is Maria Granel (@mariagranel.lx), everything we order comes packed in paper bags. In paper bags because we don't live in Lisbon, so we order online.

What do I do with the paper bags? I reuse them as often as necessary, mainly for fruit and only after a few tears does it go to recycling (note that if it contains some type of fat it can no longer be recycled). I usually also use it to make divisions in the fridge, so I use a vegetable or fruit and just peek and take it out, it also makes cleaning the fridge easier because the soil is inside the bags. We also use these bags for grocery shopping, so the fruit is already separated by each bag and facilitates weighing in the box.

When we don't go to the supermarket, we talk to Courela dos Pegos (@coureladospegosbio), we ask what we need and everything comes in a cardboard box that we return later, but they also have baskets that you can subscribe to! Normally, everything they give to pack I return, along with our compost each week.

The fact is, the less use we put to the bags and everything that unfortunately ends up in the oceans, the less it will continually affect. This is the option we found to not be part of the loop. But we will have to start thinking in the long term, if we want to have an ocean to dive in, a sandy beach to feel in the palms of our feet, without them not being surrounded by garbage.

The clearest option for the problem at hand will always be to reuse what we already have, avoiding buying more. This work has to be done by all of us starting by responsibly making the correct division of waste. Don't forget that it all starts with a significant reduction in the amount of waste we produce.

The important thing is to continue to retain information and continue on the sustainable path, and I believe you will find it as wonderful as I do not to visit the garbage as often as usual. From there on, it is to reduce even more.

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