Nutrition with Adriana

I'm Adriana and I've been a nutritionist since 2016. Since then I've been linked to sports nutrition, but also to clinical nutrition.
Here, at Maggá, I'm essentially going to talk to you about nutrition-related matters in a simple way, topics related to current events, to help you change your lifestyle. Hope you like it!

According to the General Directorate of Health, a diet to be healthy must be complete, balanced and varied, in order to provide adequate energy and daily physical well-being. A healthy and balanced diet is an important factor in gaining health.

But our healthy diet can also help our planet.

Healthy and sustainable food is based on lowering the environmental impact, preserving ecosystems and biodiversity through the modification of production, technology and distribution of food systems. By promoting a healthy and balanced diet, health and physical, mental and social well-being, we are guaranteeing food safety, respect for culture, gastronomy and production in each region of the country. Some particularities are highlighted, such as preserving the bioavailability of food, avoiding the excessive exploitation of resources, it also minimizes the presence of pathogens, contamination, toxins, antibiotics, plastics and their derivatives in production and/or food, thus avoiding processed foods and ultra-processed, favoring natural foods. It is also important to guarantee the consumption of water as the main beverage and avoid food waste as much as possible.

Thus, our daily food choice should be in accordance with our food wheel and the Mediterranean diet, based on diversity and balance, containing all foods on our plates daily, physical activity and providing a mental health, in order to reduce the environmental impact and our health.

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