Reduce on pandemic times

The truth is that, with the pandemic, with the Home Office and schools closed, we are consuming much more at home than before. Everyone enjoys coffee and we are no exception (off-topic: after water, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world, and according to the Mind The Trash, is in second place, after oil, when it comes to the most consumed products in the world).

We used capsules, as well as most Portuguese users – in our case Delta Q. The decomposition time of each capsule is 150 to 500 years. From the moment we realize that we make too much garbage, everything makes us confused. We started a war against capsules.

The first step was to understand how we could recycle the capsules: after searching, we found it at Wasteapp, where we can see what destination to give to various waste that cannot be placed in the recycling bins. But there was still another difficulty: we were only able to deposit the capsules more than 10 km away from us – it's not much use, right?

That's where we came across the Recapsulando. Recapsulando creates reusable stainless steel capsules (they currently have for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Delta Q and Pingo Doce). You also have a calculator that helps you understand how long it takes you to pay for your capsule. Doing a simple exercise: if two people drink 3 coffees a day, a year they are spending 2190 capsules, in a single house! In addition to being more sustainable, reducing the use of plastic, we still manage to save money in the long run, as well as being able to choose the type of coffee we want to consume! Even knowing that they are made of stainless steel, Repcasulando's capsules impressed us a lot due to their weight, so we believe it will last a long time.

Now, at the end of using our new reusable capsules, the coffee goes into our compost, and we have completely eliminated the waste in the process of removing coffees, here at home!< /p>

This was our option to solve the problem we had with the coffee here at home, but it's not the only one. All this to tell you: if there is something that makes you confused, search for a solution that will reduce your impact, or even eliminate the impact, as in this case!

If you follow us, you may already know, but we as a family had no idea of ​​the negative impact we created. This was one of the steps, small, but it will be important, one at a time!

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