Maggá® is a sustainable, ethical and conscious sportswear brand. It's important to remember that these values ​​live in everything we have and do.

We intend to show that fashion can be affordable and sustainable at the same time. We will also share our daily experiences and changes with you through our journal. If we manage to change the impact of just one person, or brand, it's already been worth it!

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Sustainability lives in everything we have, and it requires the human ability to manipulate materials. It's important to remember that everything comes from something, and from somewhere.

We want to encourage you to question and challenge brands and manufacturers to create in a sustainable, ethical and healthy way for the planet.

We know it's virtually impossible to be 100% sustainable, yet. But still, we believe we can live in a world where textile production can be done with a more sustainable approach, so that each production lasts longer, thus reducing the number of annual productions.

We are not just referring to environmental but also social and financial aspects. To guarantee sustainability in these three areas, we work very closely with our partners, in order to ensure all the necessary conditions.

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