For us, it's vital that you know who we are and what we stand for. Behind Maggá there are several personalities. From the Founders to the Partners, they are all pillars and we love what each individual adds to our ensemble.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is defined as the responsible interaction with the environment, in order to avoid the depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow environmental quality in the long term. To develop an environmentally friendly business, it's essential to be aware of the materials used, and the production processes, and this is one of our commitments.
In order to be sustainable for the environment, Maggá:

.Uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon – learn more about the advantages here.

.All our packaging components are 100% recyclable and FSC certified.

.We only use sticker with soy-based ink.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability encompasses the human rights of workers involved in the entire process. It is the idea that future generations should have the same or greater access to social resources than the current generation.

For this purpose, we make sure, together with our Partners, that there is an environment that encourages the creation of healthy working relationships, and that favors personal and collective development. The communities where we work are ethical, diverse and focused on ensuring and maintaining good conditions.

Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth, both for Maggá and for all companies and employees in our supply-chain, without jeopardizing the social, environmental and cultural aspects of communities.
It's important that we can be economically sustainable, leveraging the creation of jobs, both internally and externally, through our Partners, in order to contribute to a strong economy.

In order to to guarantee fair values ​​for our customers, we purchase all materials directly from the manufacturer, thus cutting unnecessary intermediate fees.
We also make sure that all employees of our partners have fair and ethical conditions, without exploiting any resources.

This way, we are able to apply a fair price for our product, without implying the use of resources, whether human or environmental.

Our Materials

Our Partners

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