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What is

ECONYL® regenerated nylon?

ECONYL® regenerated nylon was created by the Italian company Aquafil, and uses nylon waste, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps and fishing nets, to recycle and regenerate them into a nylon string. Nylon is a type of material that maintains its characteristics, despite being recycled, that is, ECONYL® nylon has the same quality as virgin nylon.

This regeneration system focuses on 4 steps that form a closed loop. The residues are collected, cleaned and crushed, depolymerized and transformed into threads, and finally sold into textile products.
Maggá uses VITA fabric, from the Italian company Carvico, which mixes 78% of ECONYL® regenerated nylon with 22% elastane, which ensures elasticity to the fabric.

The downside

ECONYL® fiber is a fantastic product that is helping to reuse waste that would otherwise not be reused – remaining in the environment for a few hundred years until it breaks down.
But there is also a downside: microplastics . These tiny plastic particles are freed from all synthetic fibres, including ECONYL® fibre, so we need to be aware of how to minimize this disadvantage by using bags suitable for their washing. We give you a tip: GUPPYFRIEND.

We encourage the recycling and reuse of our boxes. Since we've focused on making our boxes as durable as possible, they are perfect for re-using for various purposes.

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